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Exact Timeline of the Holy Week  
(Date Posted : 26/3/2016 )

Find out how a knighted professor at Cambridge University solve the mystery of contradictions in the Bible on the exact date of the crucifixion of our Lord here  [read more]


Looking at Same-Sex Attraction with the Eyes of Christ  
(Date Posted : 13/8/2015 )

Visit here for the Church's teaching on homosexuality.  [read more]


Hearts 2 Hearts - Daily Reflections  
(Date Posted : 18/8/2014 )

View inspiring personal daily reflections from the SS.CC. congregation - more details here!  [read more]


The One Thing  
(Date Posted : 18/6/2010 )

What is The One Thing that Man wants? We all know that the 5Cs or 5Bs ain't gonna satisfy us for long... Let's learn from some men who have discovered it!  [read more]


Days of Obligation 2009  
(Date Posted : 9/3/2009 )

Find out the "Days of Obligation" in 2009 in the Archdiocese of Singapore here.  [read more]


The Golden Compass: Agenda Unmasked  
(Date Posted : 10/11/2007 )

Check out a short video clip of Catholic League president Bill Donohue on his take of the movie "The Golden Compass" to be released on 6 Dec.  [read more]


Wisdom of the Heart (Alan Cohen)  
(Date Posted : 5/9/2007 )

Read two insightful stories extracted from a book titled "Wisdom of the Heart" by Alan Cohen - contribution by Sarah Seow.  [read more]


(Date Posted : 29/3/2007 )

Karl Keating's E-Letter  [read more]


Pacifists, Ecologists and Ecumenists: Antichrist at Work  
(Date Posted : 29/3/2007 )

The retired Archbishop of Bologna, Cardinal Giacomo Biffi, says the Antichrist presents himself as a  [read more]


Our Work Is To Colonise Heaven  
(Date Posted : 29/3/2007 )

The Belief of Catholics*, first published in 1927  [read more]


Pope finished with 1st volume of book on Jesus  
(Date Posted : 4/1/2007 )

Pope Benedict XVI has completed the first portion of what he plans as a two-volume work on "the mystery of Jesus Christ."  [read more]


Nativity goes Hollywood  
(Date Posted : 11/12/2006 )

 [read more]


(Date Posted : 12/11/2006 )

Who are they ? What do they do ? And What YOU can do as Catholics?  [read more]


Cracking the Da Vinci Code  
(Date Posted : 4/10/2006 )

Check out definitive analyses of the Da Vinci Code book by Catholic Answers Inc!  [read more]


The Gospel of Judas  
(Date Posted : 30/9/2006 )

Learn the truth about the Gospel of Judas in an interview with Father Thomas Williams, Theology Dean at the Regina Apostolorum university in Rome  [read more]

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