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  What do you think of the NCC (Neighbourhood Christian Community)?   (Date Posted : 5/5/2013)
  What do you think of our sound system?   (Date Posted : 16/8/2012)
  Which smartphone platform are you on?   (Date Posted : 1/5/2012)
  What do you think of the new Order of Mass booklet?   (Date Posted : 4/9/2011)
  How do you cope with exams?   (Date Posted : 28/8/2011)
  Which is your favourite social media site?   (Date Posted : 12/6/2011)
  What will you focus on this Lent?   (Date Posted : 12/3/2011)
  What is the percentage of our time spent on God's Kingdom?   (Date Posted : 25/9/2010)
  Do you own an iPad, iPhone or iPod?   (Date Posted : 22/8/2010)
  How does your faith affect your daily life?   (Date Posted : 11/4/2010)
  October is the month of the Rosary - how often do you pray it?   (Date Posted : 10/10/2009)
  What do you think of Spotlight's new look?   (Date Posted : 7/5/2009)
  How often do you go to Confession?   (Date Posted : 28/2/2009)
  How do you grow your faith?   (Date Posted : 5/4/2008)
  What is the best way to attract more parishioners to our website?   (Date Posted : 26/1/2008)
  Will you attend the Parish Assembly on 22 Feb?   (Date Posted : 8/1/2008)
  Would you watch the movie 'The Golden Compass'   (Date Posted : 10/11/2007)
  What is your gift to Jesus this Christmas?   (Date Posted : 9/11/2007)
  Why do you follow Christ?   (Date Posted : 31/8/2007)
  How involved are you in church activities?   (Date Posted : 5/5/2007)
  Is Praying the Rosary important today ?   (Date Posted : 18/2/2007)
  What is your top new-year resolution where Faith is concerned?   (Date Posted : 4/1/2007)
  How would you share the message of Christmas?   (Date Posted : 8/12/2006)
  What do you think of our new revamped website?   (Date Posted : 30/9/2006)
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